Canada wide shipping and local pick up available from Royal Oak, Victoria BC
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I'm concerned about fraud. How do you protect against that?

We understand using a credit card online can make some people feel unsafe. We want to make sure that nobody's payment information is being used unlawfully. Our payment platform checks every transaction for fraud on several levels. Everything is encrypted, and both Visa and Mastercard have Zero Liability fraud protection. I highly encourage you read their policy on their official websites. Ever since reading it ourselves, we only use our credit cards for online purchases now.

Can I pay cash upon pick up?

Unfortunately, no. We are an E-commerce company who offers local pick up. We do this to save locals on shipping costs. It takes us time to upload records onto our website and will also take time to take it back down. We would also have to process it with out an order number or confirmation of payment. We kindly ask you please respect this.

Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping. We mail from Vancouver Island using Canada post. Our average mail cost is about $26 per order anywhere east of B.C. We have chosen to keep our prices of products low and charge an average shipping rate of $22 in BC and $25 to the rest of Canada. Please do feel free to send us an email with your order number after purchase. If it is less, we can refund the difference.

Can I pick up my order outside of allocated pick up times?

If someone is here, then yes, of course. We will try to accommodate your schedule but can not guarantee it.

Can I pick up my order in less than the 24 hour processing period?

We do ask that you try to wait the 24h but if we can make it happen, we will. We usually process the orders between 4pm and 6pm every night as we only want to process them once a day to save us on time.

How will my vinyl record be protected during shipping?

We wrap each order with care, using a strong box and protective bubble wrap. Your box will always have a fragile sticker to ensure it is handled with care by postal staff.
We are temporarily on holiday. Please check back again on May 15, 2023.