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Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about us…

My name is Ashley and I hail from London, England. I made the move to Canada in 2017, making Vancouver Island my home after a ski season in Whistler. What began as casually building my own vinyl record collection, quickly evolved into a passion project that is now my full-time gig. As we all know too well, the vinyl addiction kicks in hard!

I found that as much as I loved the music, the hunt was really what got me the most excited. I love people and hearing the story behind their music collections. Weekends were spent travelling up and down the island in search of obscure titles, old classics, and big hits.

In the beginning our little studio was taken over by boxes of records. Our earliest customers would have to come and sit on the bed, to flipping through our latest finds. We were experiencing such loyalty from our customers that we decided to make it official and start our website to broaden our reach to vinyl lovers across Canada.

Thus, Victoria Online Record Store was born! It’s been a wild ride! We have loved getting to know our dedicated customers over email, and our enthusiastic locals that we get the pleasure of chatting with. Your excitement is contagious and motivates us to continue striving to provide you with the best vinyl.

Your support means the world to us.

Love Ashley
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